Walt Disney Classics Collection

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Lady In Love Paperwork signed by artist Chris Peterson. For sale
13 hours ago
13 hours ago
I just added Bucket Brigade to my collection!
13 hours ago
Nov 10
Love's First Kiss Anyone who sells it?
Nov 10
#wdcc I'm looking for Sleeping Beauty WDCC Spinning Wheel and Love's True Kiss.
Nov 10
#wdcc I have the whole villain series that is brand new, never been displayed.
Oct 25
#wdcc I own several black diamond Disney classics, the condition if these VHS tapes is fairly fair....I'm,hoping to sell
Aug 23
#wdcc my grandmothers collection is looking for a new owner. Anybody interested?
Aug 22
#wdcc I am downsizing & have many WDCC to sell: Pluto, Snow White, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse & duplicates I have of tinker Bell. Contact me.
Jun 27
#wdcc I have an original black diamond vhs Little mermaid with the original banned artwork, wonder a price range for this time? Great cond!
May 1
#wdcc DYING to find Ariel and Eric "two worlds one heart"
Feb 23
A Lovely Dress For Cinderelly I have a mint condition Cinderella's dress available. Contact me.
Nov 22
#wdcc I currently have many pieces that I am looking to sell. Some limited editions and many others. Please lmk if you want to know more!
Nov 9
#wdcc I have a 137 piece collection that I am selling. Cinderellas Dress, Ursula, rare seashorse surprise... lmk if you'd like more details
Oct 30
#wdcc i have 5 collectibles from Lady and The Tramp i wanna sell. Email me loving_you_only7@yahoo.com i have pictures and they are all mint.
Aug 21
I just added Tarzan Of The Jungle to my collection!
Sep 21
I just archived a new item in the Walt Disney Classics Collection collection: I Made Myself at Home
May 1
I just archived a new item in the Walt Disney Classics Collection collection: The Young Prince
May 1

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